Our Vision

Our automotive vision system uses computer vision to detect and reveal hidden obstacles, objects, and pathway conditions. Early detection and preemptive warnings of oncoming traffic hazards can alert drivers of dangerous conditions, such as obstructed obstacles, potholes, or erratic driving by others. Over 95% of vehicular fatalities involve a forward component, and KAS plans to support drivers in helping to address the majority of those cases.

Our Story

KAS Automotive Inc. was founded in response to the near loss of a close friend due to a preventable car crash. As the driver was unable to see the forward traffic conditions, their vehicle collided with a stopped car at 60mph while attempting to exit the highway. This unforeseen situation spurred our efforts to solve the problem of unknown forward traffic conditions, and inspired the concept of our technology.  Unknown forward traffic conditions are the result of obstructed lines of sight caused by larger vehicles, blocked angles due to traffic congestion, weather conditions, and even the design of the road itself.  Our company was formed to address the problem of vision obstruction and provide a solution that will make for safer driving conditions and result in less loss of life.

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