The Problem

Oncoming obstructions block drivers’ vision, leading to preventable collisions.

Blind spots are one of the leading causes of vehicular fatalities

Lack of trust in driverless systems
slows the transition to autonomy

Current solutions in forward
vision create consumer doubt

Our Solution
KAS Technology sees AHEAD, using Advanced Hazard Evasion to Avoid Danger, and alerts drivers before potential collisions happen.

What’s the tech used for?

Our technology continuously scans the forward traffic conditions and communicates potential hazards to drivers. This allows drivers to proactively avoid potential dangers, have additional insight to make better-informed decisions, and improves their driving experience. Our innovative solution focuses on proactive driver assistance user processes and functions to preemptively communicate warnings for prospective maneuvers such as performing lane changes, making left turns, passing vehicles,
merging, exiting, and going straight.

Facts and Figures


police-reported motor 
vehicle traffic crashes in 2018


number of people that
died per day in car accidents in 2019


people injured in police-
reported motor vehicle
traffic crashes in 2018


of crashes show that
driver error is the critical factor.

Analysis of the National Motor Vehicle Crash Causation Survey,
conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA)


estimated police-reported motor
vehicle crashes in 2018 where
at least one passenger vehicle
(i.e., passenger car or light truck)
was towed from the crash
scene in the United States

$4.5 million

total spent on medically
consulted injuries in motor-
vehicle incidents in 2018

$445.6 billion

estimated total motor-vehicle
injury costs. Costs include wage
and productivity losses, medical
expenses, administrative expenses,
motor-vehicle property
damage, and employer costs

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